Looking for something to secure trades when they've reached a daily level.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman  

Is there any EA that can close (or move the stop loss) to a level when all my open trades have reached a certain % profit for the day.

Let's say I have $500 in my account and make some manual trades or EA's. I want them to secure all trades when they have reached more than 2% profit. So, if the account is $500 and my open trades have a total profit of $10 then it should set a stop loss or move a break even to this level.

And it should also check other trades that might have closed already.

So, what I'm looking for is an EA that can secure my trades if I make more than 2% each day. If the market goes against me it should never go lower than that.

Of course I won't reach that 2% each day, but an EA that will help when I do.

Any ideas if there is something like this somewhere? And what's it called?