MQL4 or 5 Code on Bollinger Bands

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I have a great strategy that works extremely fine. I want to create an indicator based on it. 

This strategy is based on Candle stick and Bollinger Bands 

My problem is coding. I just got started with coding and I am finding it difficult to write a code on it and would love someone to help me out on it.

Here is how it works

I want to write a code that would bring a buy or sell signal each time this criteria is met:

For buy signal
1. The lower BB will cross above 2 previous candle close & open  (meaning d close & open of the 2 candles must be the same) 

2. The next candle will close above the high of the previous candle (this will trigger a buy signal.

3. The same criteria also for Middle Bollinger Bands

The opposite for the sell Signal

Let me attach a file on this

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