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Colse all orders at a reaching point

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Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2014.03.24 17:44 


i have a question. How to  create an "reaching point" in a ea? I have an ea who is trading 4 different currency pairs in one time. So it opens 4 orders. How to change the ea for closing all this orders, when reaching an number?


For example:

4 orders were opened in 4 different currencys. Reaching Point ist 10(10€ should not be pips just a defined number. 100 will bei 100€ and so on). If the opened orders reached a profit of 10€ they will close all, it does not depend if they were in loss (for example: eur/usd made profit 3€, eur/jpy made profit of 5€, try/usd made proft of 10€ and jpy/usd made loss of 8€=10€ profit ---> close)


Hope somebody can help me-


Thanks in advance 

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