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Signal CVS history analyzer (win32)

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Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki 2014.03.22 20:24 

I need to write converter for the BTC/USD history to mt4 format but digging out compiler I have found what may be useful program for some people.

It analyzes month after month income on each pair from the CSV history on 12 most popular pairs and percentage of won/lost transactions - generates also CSV output file. (like on the screenshot 1)

It is VERY simple, as i used it only on cashmaker signal history, (i include sample CSV history from 09-2013 of CashMaker signal)  but i include source code so that everyone could modify it. (of course there is compiled version; to compile yourself download Mingw32 compiler) Maybe it will be useful to someone. 

You need to type in full path of CSV history like on the screen-shot. When finished program needs to be closed forcefully.

Program was designed to work with MT4 signals. 

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