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Calculate Lot Size based on details below.

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Langat Naftali
Langat Naftali  

I would like to calculate Lot size based on the position below, not yet closed

Invested:1.7616382599847367%,                  Average Open:132.68,

Net Profit:5.6601,                                        Equity:1.9479487237180917,


OpenRate:132.68,                                       TakeProfitRate:0.02,

StopLossRate:134.6,                                    Amount:1.7616382599847367%,

CurrentRate:131.93,                                    PipDifference:75,

NetProfit:5.660119133574007,                      Leverage:10

OpenRate = OrderOpenPrice

CurrentRate= CurrentPrice = Bid

symbol =     EURJPY.

I also want to deal with stocks similar with the above scenario.

Anybody with an idea?

I would really appreciate.

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