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backtesting on H/L/C/O price only and fxt

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Good morning,

My EA is kind of set-and-forget based indicator of D1 and H4. Trade will be placed on H4 chart. Entry is based on HLOC of D1 and H4. Exit is based on whether H4 price hit SL or TP.

I download Tickstory data and get 2 file: .hst and .fxt (8 GB). I think that my EA doesn't benefit from the "Every tick" mode so I use the "Control point". 

So I copy  ONLY the .hst file to History folder and try to run backtest. The test doesn't run. What I do is I go to History and Export the data to csv file. Then delete the file .hst and Import csv back to MT4. Now backtest run.

My first question is that: For my EA, ignoring the large file .fxt downloaded is acceptable?

My second question is that: Is what I have done to get backtest running correct and if there is any other better method to get run backtest with only .hst file?

I appreciate your help.

Have a nice weekend.


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