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insert indicator in chart

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Laurentiu Sorin Tene
Laurentiu Sorin Tene 2014.02.28 21:46 


I saw on this link that is possible to draw my own chart. I wonder if it is possible to insert/apply my own indicator on this kind of chart (to construct an EA).

Something like: generate buy/sell order if my indicator value is greater/smaller than the chart value. 

If answer is yes please give me some suggestions (step by step, for beginners) on how to do it. 

Thanks in advance ! 

Creating Tick Indicators in MQL5
Creating Tick Indicators in MQL5
  • 2010.04.23
  • Denis Zyatkevich
In this article, we will consider the creation of two indicators: the tick indicator, which plots the tick chart of the price and tick candle indicator, which plot candles with the specified number of ticks. Each of the indicators writes the incoming prices into a file, and uses the saved data after the restart of the indicator (these data also can be used by the other programs)
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