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STD Lib EA Signal Trigger Thresholds open and close

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Hi guys.

I have some questions, I hope someone could answer its.

I have created some EA's from the std library (MT5), as for exemple:

SMA (5) + SMA(10) +  Stochastic (14,3,3) + RSI (9) (four indicators) to apply to a lot of symbols.

1- I have tried to use it in  1H, M30 Charts and I see that when use M30 charts the EA open orders for many symbols exactly every 30 minutes, for the 1H charts, the EA open exactly in 60 minutes. This has no relation with the Signal open and  values. When I use M20 or M15 for exemple it not occour.

2- I have no total confidence if more than one indicator included in EA from std Lib could works well . Do you have some experience with that ?

3- The best way to select the best value for Signal Threshold open and close is from Backtest? If yes, how long the historical data?

Thanks for all and good trades

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