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multilanguage EA

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Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki  

Many of my potential customers are people speaking Russian.

Do i have to release separate language version for them or is it possible to do it in 1 version? I haven't googled anything out :/


Maybe you should add 1-click translate to MT5 EA options like on mql5 page using very good translator used on mql5 site. :) 

That would be really nice for people that can speak only their native language. 

If not at least give a Programmer chance to do it :P. But it would be nice if the language version chosen is dependent on the language selected by client in his MT5. If there would be no matching languages the EA would display English.


Some people from for example: Russia, Poland, Germany have often problems using English. Thats why multi-language would be a great thing, since you have very good translator already. 

Some people may be good traders, but their access (and the amount they may purchase) to MQL products because of the language barrier is limited. 


Also your translator could be available while conversating using MQL5 site. Its available for comments yet when i talk to people that do not speak English either I or them have to use google translator instead of just 1-clicking like for example: in product's comment tab.

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