Professional Trading Coach Van K. Tharp


Psychologist Van K. Tharp is an internationally acclaimed trading coach and author, focusing on helping traders who want to understand the psychology behind position sizing, systems development and general trader psyche. He is the only trader to ever write book that covers positions trading as a risky proposition in detail and he is also the only coach to be featured in Jack Schwager’s ‘Market Wizards: Interviews With Great Trader


There is very little biographical information on Tharp who has maintained privacy in his life even through his popularity as a trading coach. He received his doctorate in psychology in 1975 from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and he also holds numerous certifications including Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Modeler of NLP, Assistant Trainer of NLP and Master Time Line Therapist. He uses these certificates and his training as a psychologist in his training and coaching methods. There is no information available on whether or not Tharp has done any trading of his own.

Claim to Fame

Tharp is unique in his profession and is considered the internationally recognized leader of trading coaching. He has been helping new traders since 1982 in becoming the best they can, sharing his unique strategies with his students. Many of the successful traders of today have been students of Tharp’s. He is also the president and founder of the Van Tharp Institute which offers traders training in system development and trading psychology

Why was he successful?

With over 5,000 profiles of successful trading in his arsenal that include traders and well known transactions, Van K. Tharp has dedicated his career to researching and studying the industry. With these case studies he has been able to develop a technique for successful training and investing that he teaches through his Van Tharp Institute and lectures.

The technique Tharp has developed includes a five volume home study course called ‘Peak Performance’ which covers everything he researched and studied over a ten year period. His training sessions also include ‘The Investment Psychology Inventory Profile’ that aids in understanding the strengths and weaknesses in a trade or investment, a guide to position sizing, a course on developing a trading system and many other publications all designed to help anyone new to the indus

Van K. Tharp’s expertise is in finance as well as psychology and his study has helped him determine what has made investors of the past successful


Van K. Tharp has published numerous articles in magazines including:

* Barron’s Market Wee

* Forbes

* Trader’s Journa

* Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

* Investor’s Business Dail

* Futures and Options World.

His books on investment and trading have been published across the world in numerous languages including German. They include:

* Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom

* Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom

* Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading

Tharp’s other publications include his home study courses on becoming a financial trader and investor as well as two newsletters that are released on a regular basis through subscription