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CAN SLIM’s William O’Ne

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If you are an investor using the CAN SLIM strategy of investing then you have heard of its investor William O’Neil. In the highly competitive investment industry, O’Neil is one of the younger traders who have come behind great names like Jim Slater and John Neff. He started a business publication ‘Investor’s Business Daily’ and the brokerage William O’Neil+ Co. Inc. Entrepreneur and stockbroker, O’Neil helped change the face of inv


Oklahoma City welcomed William O’Neil on 25th March, 1933. O’Neil grew up in Texas and opted for business studies at the Southern Methodist University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He was a member of the US Air Force before going to Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development, the very first of its kind and the first year it was taught in 1

O’Neil worked as stockbroker for Hayden, Stone & Company where he discovered that he had a love for the early computers of the late 1950s. He developed a unique investment strategy using Hayden, Stone & Company’s computer system and in 1984, after years of perfecting his system and the database he had designed, he released it in print form. At the same time he launched his national business paper, the Investor’s Business Daily, which is still giving the Wall Street Journal a run for its mon

William O’Neil still continues to invest and trade and conducts seminars around the United States teaching his investing principles

Claim to Fame

O’Neil’s company, which started out as a brokerage and management investment firm, has become known nationwide for its industry database. It provides investment suggestions, securities data research, trading services, and analytical tools to investors all over the world. The database itself has over 40,000 data items covering 8,000 investment securities that include information dating back to the 1880

Due to the database’s widespread popularity, O’Neil founded ODS – O’Neil Data Systems Inc. that helped publish this robust database for custom

Why was he successful?

O’Neil was fascinated with the securities market from the day he launched his career in the investing and trading industry. His research historical data and developed the use of this information as a way to analyze equities. He was able to create the CAN SLIM discipline that focused on the factors that turned investments and companies into winners and losers. Using this information, he became the top selling broker in Hayden, Stone & Company and increased his own stock portfolio enough to start his own business

William O’Neil + Co. was launched and became the pioneer of computerized securities databases. By the time O’Neil was 30 years old he had bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchang


O’Neil’s inventions include the CAN SLIM investment strategy and the ‘Investor’s Business Daily’ newsp


William O’Neil is the author or co-author of the following investment books

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