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Futures and Forex Glossary Dictionary R2

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Retail FX Market

The part of the forex market aimed at individuals and offered by brokers.

Retail Sales

Sales of retail goods in a country or region. In the United States the retail sales report is released monthly for the previous month by the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce .

Retail Side

The retail industry that delivers services, goods and commodities directly to the consumer market as opposed to wholesaling.


1) Calculation of unrealized profits or losses on open positions following a day of trading.
2) When a central bank adjusts the exchange rate of the currency, often against a certain benchmark.

Revaluation Rate

The rate used to value a traders unrealized profits or losses between  trading days, such as the close price of a previous day.

Right hand Side

The ask price which is the price at which traders are willing to buy a currency pair. See Also: Quote

Risk  (Foreign Exchange Risk)

The inherent risk in investing in forex. The price may move in the wrong direction so the trader loses money.

Risk Capital

The amount of money that one can afford to lose without it impacting personal lifestyle.

Risk Management

Using strategies for trading and investments to limit risk, such as money management and stop-loss orders. See Also: Money Management


Extending the physical delivery of a forex spot to a later trading day instead of the usual required two.

Rollover Credit

Currency pairs earn interest if the interest rate for the quote currency is larger than the interest rate for the base currency. Interest payments are credited to an account overnight. See Also: Rollover Debit.

Rollover Debit

If a forex position is left open overnight, it will be subject to interest payments. If the interest rate of the base currency is higher than the quote currency, then interest payments will be debited from the traders account. See Also: Roll Over Credit

Rollover Rate

The interest rate that is either credited to an account or debited from an account on overnight forex positions. See Also: Rollover Credit, Rollover Debit

Round Lot

The standard forex lot size of 100,000 units. See Also: Lot

Round Trip

Opening a forex spot position and closing it again later.

Round Turn

Opening a futures position and closing it again later.

Rules (NFA)

The rules governing the futures exchange as set by the National Futures Association (NFA). See Also: National Futures Association (NFA).
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