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Futures and Forex Glossary Dictionary Q

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Quantitative analysis

Mathematical analysis of price movements using advanced mathematical and statistical models and tools. See Also: Technical Analysis

Quantitative Easing

Increasing the money supply  (by the central bank) to encourage spending. Well known examples are the Bank of Japan's attempts to curb deflation in the early 2000's and the Federal Reserve's actions since the credit crunch and subsequent housing crisis. See Also: Monetary Easing


A term used to describe two numbers: the highest bid price available and the lowest ask price available at the moment for a security, currency pair or commodity.


Term used for when both Bid and Ask prices are shown for a currency pair.

Quote Currency

The second currency in a currency pair, such as the used in the EUR/USD currency pair. The exchange rate is shown as how many units of the quote currency you will get for one unit of the base currency (the first currency in the currency pair).
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