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Pivot point

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Hi every one,

Hi is there anyone who can help me please I would like to see the Daily pivot point chart where I could see the middle line with price say 132.00 but as soon it goes up say 132.60 It should show .60 up on the chart but if it goes down from the pivot point

say 131.60 that mean it should show .40 down

Why I would like to do that because if I have checked the daily average range projection of any currency pair that will give me some guidance how much it is going to go up and down. If the projection is that it will go up 132.70 Max and it is showing in the top example that it has gone up .60 that mean I know it has the ability to go at least .10 up or more according to Daily average range indicator. I will be very careful to buy close to 132.60. Similarly if the projection is it will go down 131.20. It has already gone down .40 that mean it can fall .40 more. If it go down 131.20 that means it has gone down .80

I will be very careful to sell short close to 131.40 to 131.20

It will be great help

Thanks in Advance to all of you

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