Need to tweak Pivot points indicator

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I have been using this pivots indicator on H1 chart for intraday setups.

I look for reversal price action around these pivot points to take my trade.

They are good high probability trading points.

I need a programmers help, If someone can please make a few amendments to this indicator and create two new indicators:

1. Monthly Pivots: This indicator will use previous months High, Low and Close to plot pivots on Daily chart. Then one can look for reversla price action setups like Pinbars, Double High Lower Close or Double Low Higher Close or Bearish/Bullish outside bars to enter into a trade

2. Weekly Pivots: In this case, we use previous High, Low and close for plotting weekly pivots on H4 charts and then we wait for reversal price action near these pivots points.


Pivots.ex4 15 kb
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