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Bollinger Bands BREAKOUT Alert on screen?

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Is there any Bollinger Bands alert tool which pops up on screen alert when either upper or lower band gets pierced AND at the same time candle's CLOSURE gets formed above (if green candle and breaking out upper BB) or below (if red candle and breaking out lower BB) the band? I saw this one:

<< link removed by moderator >>

But it doesn't seem to be what I am looking for. Where could I get this tool for alerts when BB gets breakout? This is NOT very custom requirement so I decided to ask rather than already request custom developing. If such tool exist:

- does it fire alert as soon as closure (if it does) gets formed above/below upper/lower BB? or does it fire alert only if first next candle is green (if previous was green too breaking out upper BB) or red (if previous was red too breaking out lower BB)?

- do I have to manually put that tool on every single chart separately or does it go automatically through all the trading symbols in entire Sybols List regardless of instrument type without needing to put BB indicator on each chart I am interested for separately?

Thanks in advance.

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