Perfect Martingale Zone

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Leon Lotz
Leon Lotz  

Hey guys this is my first Thread in this Forum. My name is Leon (from Germany) im Trading Binary Options for 2 Years now and i want to build now an EA for the Forex Market.

First of all some personal opinions about the market and my idea about trading

1. If your system is not 100% based on math formulas with years of backtesting your position is 100% Gambling.

2. Financial Markets = Gambling

3. Normal System never work longterm without Grid/Martingale

(If sth. works the market learns from itself and change the way of moving)

4. An EA based on Grid/Martingale need to make high profits before going down.

We all know that martingale is never working. / Grid aswell in the same direction.

Sometimes the Market DONT change the direction.

So i found my way of Grid/Martingale. I call this Martingale Zone and i need your help to optimize the range for the Martingale Range dynamic on the chart.

My Entry is atm based on: EMA Rainbow + 200 Donchian. Timeframe 15M

In my example you see how this System wins 4 Trades in a row without using Martingale and then starts to use the first Martingale Level and build a Zone.

Put Signal - Put TP 200p SL 200p

So the price is moving now against us 200p and we open our Martingale Zone and Change our direction to Call and double the Lots (a bit more because the Spread costs alot)

Open Call TP 200p SL 200p

If the price move again against us we do the same again.

I thought about: Factor 2,3

Trade 1: 0,1 Lot

Trade 2: 0,23 Lot

Trade 3: 0,53 Lot

Trade 4: 1,22 Lot

Trade 5: 2,81 Lot

Trade 6: 6,46 Lot

Trade 7: 14,86 Lot

Trade 8: 34,18 Lot

Trade 9: 78,61 Lot

Trade 10: 180,8 Lot

Trade 11: 415,84 Lot

Trade 12: 956,43 Lot

I guess at the end 7 Levels are enough so we can set the risk higher.

The Signals are on extreme points in the market with alot of power in the direction.

And if this is not the case - mostly the price jumps back and change his direction from the donchian. So we nearly can only win as long as we have no sideway market on the exact range of the Martingale Zone.

Do you guys have some suggestions how to find the Martingale Range dynamic to the chart and maybe optimize the range with years of backtesting. Saw some people using software to optimize the settings from indicators / expert advisors.

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