A signal review with love :)

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Hello everyone!

As a newbie on Forex, I've tried a few signals,

but in the end, I'm using this one. I will not say it's perfect and I

bacame rich using it, because it's not true. I started using it

approximately a half year ago, because of their real myfxbook links

convinced me that I have nothing to lose (they have a free trial and

moneyback guarantee as well) and in the first months the profit wasn't

conspicuous, nay I had lossmaking weeks as well. But compared to other

signals the advantage of TraderGroup signal is it's speed. I never felt

that I'm missing something. Their trade copier software is automatically

connected to my Metatrader 4, so I didn't have to wait for emails or

sms. Their strategy is based on real traders's trades, not robots, this

was likeable also. Their support centre was always reachable, and I

didn't feel myself neglected, as I felt when I was a customer of other

providers. Like they would have been say to me after paying: Thrive as

you can... These guys at the TraderGroup signal always cared about me

and neved made me feel like I am a lame.. Looks like I have made a good

decision, because in the end of last year they made a pretty profit for

me, so I could spend the holidays satisfied. I decided to write about

them because I have got a newsletter from them a few days ago, in which

they say their prices went lower, and I think they are a good

perspective to someone like me, who is a bit confused what help to use

to make money in Forex, without thinking they can be rich, and are

satisfied with reasonable profit.

If I have to mention some bad

things as well, I would say they trust themselves a bit too much, they

never apologized after a few lossmaking days, and always said their

system is the best in the long run. They are a little too confident to

me, which makes me suspicious, but that's me, I'm kind of shy in real

life, this is why

I'd like to put a link to their website,

but I don't want to be banned, so just google them, and decide yourself.

I hope I could help a little. Wishing a succesful new year to all of


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