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Inverting charts.

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Aaronsebaronse 2013.12.19 06:44 


Does anyone know of a way of inverting a candlestick chart in MT5 or MT4? Say for example EUR/AUD =1.2345, then (approximately)  AUD/EUR=1/(1.2345) ~ 0.8101. Hence if i was using "long only" indicators and technical setups, i wouldn't have to redevelop them for shorting set-ups. Would there be an easy way of doing this, or would it be a case of messing around with csv files in combination with an offline chart? 

 Also, does anyone know if there is an underlying convention as to why brokers offer EUR/AUD instead of AUD/EUR, say? Is there any logical reason for this, or is it just tradition? 



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