Open Market Statistics.

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To All Users, Traders, Programmers and Metaquotes Managers.

It is logical for all of us to look rationally at our everyday business and evaluate the progress we have made relative to the overall performance.

I believe that it would be beneficial for all of us to know exactly what is the statistical data of the Market on

We really need to know how is the Market on performing.

We need to know exactly how many Experts are on the Market, How many of them are sold? How many Customers have given positive reply?

How many Developers have gone off line and not maintaining their account, Not communicating with their customers, and have not created any EA for months?

These Statistics, would help all of us, know what exactly is going on in reality, relative to what we believe that is going on? relative to what we hope to be going on in reality?

And then come up with new plans in order to stop the hypnotical conditions that we are all addicted and create real products that truly make money.

And we all should remember, that if the statistics would be very impressive, then Metaquotes Managers, would be already sharing detailed statistics of all Products on the Market.

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