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Adding to hst data problem

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Mark Reno
Mark Reno here is the deal.  I have written some code to render tick charts, and it works long as I never close the chart/shutdown mt4/have a power outage/computer crashes/etc....  The reason any of those scenarios is a problem is...the offline chart data is wiped clean, and the chart building starts all over.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is when you need a week of chart building to build up sufficient chart data to begin an analysis.

I have tried using FileOpen() to modify the hst file, and have not been able to gain access that way, except in the backtester, which I used to pre-render pseudo-chart data to append with live market data.  Seemed like it was working great at first.  The problem is, when trying to add the live market data via FileOpenHistory(), if I use FILE_SHARE_WRITE, it leaves the current data intact, but does not add new data.  If I use FILE_WRITE, the existing data is wiped.

I have looked over the forums, and have found no mention of this problem, and it is not addressed in the documentation anywhere.  The obvious question is...  How do I add chart data to previously existing chart data in the offline hst files, without losing any of the previously rendered data?
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