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New article: Creating an assistant in manual trading

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Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov  

New article Creating an assistant in manual trading has been published:

The number of trading robots used on the currency markets has significantly increased recently. They employ various concepts and strategies, however, none of them has yet succeeded to create a win-win sample of artificial intelligence. Therefore, many traders remain committed to manual trading. But even for such specialists, robotic assistants or, so called, trading panels, are created. This article is yet another example of creating a trading panel from scratch.

Let's take a new sheet and draw our future trading panel by placing all necessary elements on it.

When developing a design for the trading panel, it should be taken into consideration how practical is the implementation. First, the trade panel should contain sufficient information, be easily readable and not overloaded with extra elements. We should always remember that it is not just a nice image on the screen, but an essential tool for a trader.

Here is my variation.


Author: Dmitriy Gizlyk

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