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bots across multiple accounts

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alancho 2016.06.10 14:51 

Hello.  Quite new to mt4.


I'm trying to setup my mt4 with two accounts.  One discretionary and the other automated.  I've downloaded a few bots and its been working fine on my automated account.  However the problem is that it also applies itself to the discretionary account as well and I can't seem to turn it off without turning them off in my automated account as well.


1.  Tried removing from disc acct charts while leaving them on in auto acct.  They would reappear after a while and bot would be placing trades already.

2.  Tried turning off "Automated Trading" button.  Would still trade automatically.


If anyone is familiar with using bots across multiple accounts would like your take.  I'm trying to figure out how to disconnect the application of these bots across multiple accounts on mt4.

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