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ThreadHandle 2015.12.30 17:46 

I'm just curious as to whether theres any outlet for combining idea's and skills together. Like a website or such.

I was going to email my old university to find out if there were provisions for getting a team together, such as 2/3 coders, 2 mathematicians, an electro mechanical engineer and a psychologist. If you combine them skill sets you must have a greater chance at success? I know the rewards would have to be shared but it seems like a no brainer. I watched a brief documentary about an American investor who was a genius at maths and ended up making billions using machine learning but even he pulled in some math friends and specialist programmers to help. 

Does anyone know of a forum or such where people get together to share idea's and strategies? I've steadily building myself up to the point that i have a skeleton for a project, the architecture is pretty simple but i want a proper interface, i was thinking of plugging the data out of mql and into either java or C#, essentially i want an android app that has control over the algorithms, with the primary control being risk management (lot sizes, multiple trades, multiple markets, stoploss and takeprofit sizes etc) and then a market state indicator with various statistical models and volatility measures so you can manually switch particular algorithms based on the current state. The basic controller dialogue interface serves as an intermediate but its not remote and its a chart feature so you couldnt run it on multiple currencies. I'm rambling now but anyway what do you guys do? I've found it fairly challenging learning everything by myself, i know its good to have a solid understanding but at the same time it seems like im out of my depth, especially when it comes to things like trying (and failing) to implement the fast Fourier and how much time went into it.

I shan't digress anymore but i'm really interested in collaborating idea's and building a team with the same motivation but different skill sets. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great :D

I see it like a game of chess, theres only a small proportion of the population that can play, of those only few are any good and of them few there is a fraction, a fraction of people who will all make the same move when they are in any given position, they're the grand masters. But you dont have to be a grand master to win a very large proportion of your games, you simply have to follow the lines of a rare opening to catch 99% of players out.

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