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ZigZag+Fibo Update

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gren287 2015.10.25 20:19 


im new here and i hope thats ok and u can help me, i found this Indi on MQL4 Forum and would like to modify the Indi.

I  tried since a few Days to loop the Signals, but i was bad. I think i was near, but the MT4 crashed and i found no Solution to stop the Signals.

The Idea was to Count the ZigZags or the Bars, with extern int option (Aktivate Zigzag/Bars for x Periods.  After that i would like to recieve on all ZigZags a FIbonacci Line that stays for 240 Candles as a extern int option too.


Yeah the Idea is pretty final, but my skills r not, i hope u can help me.



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