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What is MetaQuotes ID? Find that out from the article!
SlinkyT 2015.08.07 13:58 
Hello I'm not sure if this is the best place to add this, but I've noticed with the iPhone IOS app for MT4 that if the app is momentarily unable to see the broker server then any indicators that I've added to the charts are returned to defaults - i.e. no moving averages in the Main Window and just RSI added in the Indicator Window. Also the list of instruments in the Quotes screen is similarly reset to defaults. I can immediately re-add them but it's a mild nuisance so I thought I'd mention it in case the developers can track down the culprit. It's happened numerous times over the last 8 months that I've been using it and I've now worked out exactly when it happens. Otherwise the app is fantastic. I also have the MT4 IOS app for iPad and that works perfectly and doesn't have the same problem.
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