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Roberto Bracaglia Morante
Roberto Bracaglia Morante  
Hello everyone,
I'm Roberto and "newbie".
I open this topic just to share with you my indicator/toolbox.

It is based on moving averages, Fibonacci and Ichimoku. Nothing new, but it might be useful, why not, I use only this.

Initially I thought to sell it in the mql4 market, but.. no dll, no party. So, I share it with the world for free. And there is no problem.

This is the link where it is downloadable.

And this the link of the video with a complete overview.

I hope you'll appreciate. In any case it is free :)

For any doubt, ask ;)



nothing new means this:

- All the indicators can be turned on/off singularly (or all together) with a simple stroke of the keyboard;
- there is a hotkey for the Kumo, one for the channel of the high/low moving averages, one for Tenkan Kijun and Chikou,
one for the colors of the chart, one for the volumes, one for the Fibonacci retracement, one for each of the four available moving
averages, one which control all of them together (in this case except the averages);
- the order of the indicators can be changed;
- the configuration (for a single timeframe, for the single symbol or, if required, a new default) is stored in binary format
and automatically applied to all the simultaneously open installations of the MT4 platform;
- same thing for the templates (up to three installations of the platform);
- they are automatically signaled: the price that crosses a moving average, the crossing among two moving averages,
the price that crosses a trendline, the price that is crossing a significant Fibonacci level, the price that is going out
from the channel of the high/low averages;
- it is possible to choose to receive the signal with a buzzer, with a blinker, or nothing at all;
- the visibility of the objects created is automatically set by the current timeframe to the lowest timeframes (of course,
it can be changed);
- according to their polarity the moving averages take on the color chosen for the symbol;
- the same applies for the trendlines according to their slope (this can be changed);
- it is possible to act on all the open charts simultaneously: changing the scale, changing timeframe, changing colors, etc.;
- each indicator on the chart has a shadow that allows to have a drawing always clear even with similar colors;
the shadow automatically resizes when the scale changes (also for the trendlines a shadow is automatically created and it resizes);
- the maximum and the minimum of the chart is automatically set according with the percentage set (the latter also affects
the size of the volumes);
- all the objects that are created (expantion, retracement) can be placed on the foreground or on the background
by clicking on them;
- the autoscroll function can be activated/deactivated with a keystroke;
- there is a button to display the current spread (updated at every tick);
- there is an integrated dashboard with 4 tables that shows the rankings of the crossed values of the exchange rates
(day, week, month and year). Two additional tables are dedicated to the calculation of the polarizations
(channel of the high/low moving averages; Tenkan and Kijun (there's nothing "earth-shattering",
but watch the video to understand what I mean));
- it is available an overview of the 28 major pairs, automatically arranged with an optimal size;
- it is user-friendly and also machine-friendly, there is no need to have the calculation of the bars not physically
displayable, the calculation is made only when it is needed (in this indicator there are 76 memory buffers);


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