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new mt4 installer hides the 'launch program automatically after installation'...

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Jon Grah
Jon Grah  

Previous installers for mt4 allowed the user to uncheck "launch terminal automatically after installation is complete".

 I just installed one from  and it appears that the mt4 installer menu has changed slightly.  Now you hide the settings in a separate screen, so you must press the 'settings' button to change the install folder and uncheck certain options.  The only option that was available was to visit the site.  So after installation, the program automatically launches itself.  The problem with this is:

1) I may not wish yet to launch mt4 immediately after installation.

2) I may wish to launch mt4 in portable mode. 

 Why is there no option to uncheck 'launch terminal after installation'? I've never seen any software that forces the launch of its gui after installation.



Please allow user to un-check 'launch program after installation. Or at least allow user to launch first time forced launch in /portable mode 


And another bug that has been a long time in the making: stop launching mt4 first-time installs in maximized mode.  I sometimes have a large desktop screen and i always have to readjust the window with each new mt4 installation :( 

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