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MT4 Works on Windows 10 Build 10041 . . However

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MJohns9888 2015.03.29 11:03 

I have two machines running Windows 10 Build 10041. The first machine upgraded automatically overnight. The next morning, out of curiosity, I launched MT4 and it worked.  With a great deal of excitement, I then used an ISO to upgrade my second machine, optimistic of achieving the same results.  No such luck.  When I try to launch MT4 on the second machine I get the following error "A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart the program".

Using Task Manager, I have looked at all of the programs for anything that might contain any well-known debuggers but have found none.  I do not know of a way to actually identify any debugger programs that are not well know debuggers.  Does anyone have any ideas? 

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