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EA Order Entry Issue

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Hello All,

Below is a H1 NZDUSD chart showing the Buy signals (Green Arrows) generated from my EA. Looking for suggestions for trade entry. Have tried BuyLimit on Candle 1, with limited success. 

Blue line is 20 period SMA; Red line is 60 period SMA; Brown line is 200 period SMA.

Have working code for the following functions: MoveToBreakEven, MATrail, CandleTrail, TrailingStop.

Second chart shows more output, a mixture of Buy and Sell signals. Looking for a way to avoid minimize losses for the Sell, then Buy signals, before the downward trend on the right starts...

Any advice appreciated...Thx

2015.02.12 15:00 - 2015.02.19 12:00


2015.01.14 19:00 - 2015.01.21 17:00

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