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joshatt 2014.12.05 11:48 

Hi all,

 My android mt4 version is 400.636 , but for a long time and several versions I've seen this:

1, it can not remember data --- every few minutes I turn screen back on to check forex (my wifi is alway ON), BEFORE mt4 can successfully connect to internet, it lacks lots of data (the latest 30 hours' data,for example), and of course after it connects to internet, those data is shown. But the next time I turn screen back on, those data are lost again....until connection is made.

2, every 2 or 3 days I'll see a bug: when I turn screen back on, mt4 will automatically go back to its default settings - 5 minute chart with a moving average(10) and a seperate window(RSI), I'll have to manually change to my personal settings.

Anything I can do? 

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