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writing TickData and TickVolume

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Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  


has any body experience with mt4 does not like to talk about - there are some discrepancies.

In the MQL4 Reference I read under long Volume[]: and

long Volume[]

Series array that contains tick volumes of each bar of the current chart.


      last_fpos = FileTell(ExtHandle);
      last_volume = Volume[i];
      FileWriteInteger(ExtHandle, i_time, LONG_VALUE);
      FileWriteDouble(ExtHandle, d_open, DOUBLE_VALUE);
      FileWriteDouble(ExtHandle, d_low, DOUBLE_VALUE);
      FileWriteDouble(ExtHandle, d_high, DOUBLE_VALUE);
      FileWriteDouble(ExtHandle, d_close, DOUBLE_VALUE);

      FileWriteDouble(ExtHandle, d_volume, DOUBLE_VALUE); // ???????

1) FileWriteDouble has NO 3rd option acc. to MT4's Reference:


The function writes the value of a double parameter to a file, starting from the current position of the file pointer.

uint  FileWriteDouble(
   int     file_handle,     // File handle
   double  value            // Value to write

2) Volume[] is defined as an array of long-values not a double - why write a double?

Anybody with a 'set' to write one's own ticks in the Mt4 manner?

May be(?):

FileWriteLong(ExtHandle, d_volume);

(Even this has no 3rd option!)

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