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S JENKINS 2014.08.07 17:22 

Somewhere sometime I am sure that I have seen a MT4 with a side indicator window

Was it part of the MT4 build or was it an add on ?

Creating a composite of multi windows is the way most are doing it so far.

BUT, it's hassle trying to establish if they are matching currency pairs and Time Frames.

Especially when you have Multiple Monitor setup and are viewing from a distance.

This is what most are having to do - Tile windows

Tiled Windows

Time frame and currency pair mismatches are all too easy - especially with a multi monitor setup and viewing from a distance


On the other hand - With a side indicator window

The Time frames and Currency Pairs are ALWAYS kept in sync


Everybody I have spoken to so far is saying Brilliant I'm sure it has already happened somewhere

So why does nobody know where it is hiding

Can somebody please help me find it OR create it - Thank You


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