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What about py4mql?

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Sergey Nevmerzhitsky
Sergey Nevmerzhitsky  

Hello everybody!

I want to discuss with the community of developers and customers an idea of creating a framework for developing MetaTrader 4/5 advisors on the Python 2/3 platform.

Why do we need it?

  • The MQL4/5 infrastructure is sorely restricted for developing enterprise solutions: no ecosystem, the strategy tester is inadequate. It happens because the terminal is using its own language MQL.
  • Developing DLLs on external languages for including into MQL-scripts increases performance of it and allows using a highly developed language. But the architecture of the MetaTrader Forex solution (MT Server, MT Client etc) dramatically reduces these benefits, while competency of developing of DLLs requires a high qualification of employee.
  • The ecosystem of Python contains various affordable solutions for data analysis, aggregation data from external sources, preparing reports.
  • The market of Python-developers is much bigger than MQL-developers. Python is universal programming language hence the chances are high for a company using it for others IT-tasks. Therefore for development of trading scripts not necessary to have a MQL-developer, you can assign a Python-developer for these tasks.
Technically it will be a library which can be used by any MQL-script. The library allows transfer the control to the Python interpreter, while a Python-script can includes any Python solution. For enterprise tasks the architecture of our solution allows create central control server for processing Forex and outer world events. This high-performance server will take signals from several terminals and will coordinate trading on several symbols.

If you ready to use such product or you sure that it will be in demand of the community, please tell how much would you pay for it. Otherwise write why not, please.

Now such offers already exist. For example allows developing advisors on Java/.NET and costs $99/$499/$899.


With best regards, Sergey Nevmerzhitsky 

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