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How to code Zigzag whether pointing UP or DOWN

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parksonchew 2014.06.22 13:25 
I've found from other forum with the below script to identify whether the Zigzag pointing UP or DOWN. However, the below script has discrepancy with the original Zigzag indi. What I would like to have is to identify the current direction of the original Zigzag indi to execute Buy or Sell & close immediately when the opposite direction of Zigzag appear.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could share the script.

Thanks and best regards.

 int n, i;
  double zag, zig;
   if(zig>0) zag=zig;
   zig=iCustom(NULL, 0, "ZigZag", 0, i);
   if(zig>0) n+=1;
if(zag<zig) indicator shows down
if(zig<zag) indicator shows up 
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