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indicator_buffers versus INDICATOR_DATA

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Toast 2014.03.24 16:49 

I may well have the wrong end of the stick on this, so please bear with me.

Prior to build 600, I used:

#property indicator_buffers 

to establish which buffers I wanted drawn visually (or added in to the data window).

And down in Init() I used:


to include all the buffers, drawn or otherwise.

Now we have:

SetIndexBuffer(0,buffer1, INDICATOR_DATA);
SetIndexBuffer(1,buffer2, INDICATOR_CALCULATIONS);

Which seems to make the above distinction explicit. However, I seem to still need to use #property indicator_buffers to get things drawn.

So my question is:

1. Have I got the whole thing muddled up; and if not

2. What is the point of INDICATOR_DATA and INDICATOR_CALCULATIONS? Considering I still need to make the above distinction anyway.

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