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OK...this looks like the only broke code I have from the v600 please

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Hi All,

Well after I calmed down from the disaster this upgrade to v600 did to my platform configuration, I'm beginning to understand the new file structure.

I see where the last recent platform files and the new terminal has been kept in it's Program Files location, and have clarified the new structure in AppData/Roaming...

I used to run terminal.exe as an administrator so I could use scripts that would otherwise not work because of the UAC. That was a simple fix. This is what it is...rude, inconsiderate, and amateurish. Some of us have worked hard with this language to build platforms that work for us. Yes some of us are traders....not coding hobbyists or hypnotists. We've built the platform out and are busy trading with no time or money for changes that are incognizant of the platform's true purpose. Some of us who appreciate this excellent platform are traders...please try to remember that in the future :)

Ok so the only disaster that I have not been able to solve is a script I use to merge my brokers Sunday Daily data into the Monday Daily data. In other words I would get rid of the short Sunday daily bar and merge it into the Monday daily bar in an offline chart. From there I would create an offline weekly chart from the merged Daily data. One click of the script and it would be done.

The issue now is all the daily files needed to accomplish this are being created under AppData/...and the merged daily chart renders fine. The weekly merged chart's files are created, however they are not being populated with data.

Could someone with experience take a look at this and see where the problem is? It worked fine for must be a simple fix. I'll attach the code.

Note: If I remember's been a while since I needed to address this...when first creating the offline merged daily and weekly charts, the standard online daily needs to be open and the script executed on that chart. After the charts are built the script is executed on the offline merged weekly and that updates both merged charts without the need for a standard daily to be open.

Thanks much for any help,

yellowlion :)

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