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Mq4 forum?

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Forextra1 2010.07.04 03:50 

Do we still have a Mq4 site or is it only Mq5 now?

What I really need is some help in adding a option to a mini chart indicator. The indicator is great for scalping however the builder only allows one moving average.

How difficult would it be to expand to 3 moving averages. The custom mini charts are probably one of the best tools ever made for the trader.

I need one like this for my MT4. For now I have to many very valuable indicators to think about migrating to MT5 but I really want this mni chart to allow a few more moving averages.

I know the developer but he is busy for at least a couple more months. If anyone has a idea please let me know.

Thanks very much

Happy pips


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