iCustom "NonLagMA_v4"

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ckm Forex  

I am trying to use this indicator in my EA.

I need help on how to code this in my EA. I am using the following:

nlag0 = iCustom(NULL,0,"NonLagMA_v4",0,9,0,20,1, 0,0,0,1);

nlag1 = iCustom(NULL,0,"NonLagMA_v4",0,9,0,20,1, 0,0,1,1);

nlag2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"NonLagMA_v4",0,9,0,20,1, 0,0,2,1);

When it is long singal, then nlag2 give a value of 2147483647 which means an empty value. Similarly when its a long signal then nlag1 is 2147483647 as empty value.

I need help on how to program this in my EA such that my trade is triggered long when NonLagMA_v4 is on the long singal and short as vice versa.