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Successful Mechanical Mentor Required in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Brian Fankhauser
Brian Fankhauser 2013.06.09 16:25 

Hi, am a complete novice, (but literate, and a fast learner).  I wish to find a successful trader / developer of mechanical systems, that would be prepared to take me under his/her wing for the next period and teach me the basics and advanced.  Maybee follow there trades, spend a day a week with them understanding and seeing how they operate.  Getting to know there system and why.

In return, am happy to sign a confidentiality agreement, and give them an agreed % of monthly profits for an agreed amount of time.  Further am happy for them to then track and see all systems I then create and trade.

Further, as I consult to a financial services company, primarily offering offshore services, am more than happy to share knowledge on offshore banking, incorporation and debit card structures, suited to the international investor...  

If you read this but am unable to assist personally, but know someone whom could, or can offer any advise, will really appreciate it and can also offer any advise to you regarding my areas of knowledge.

Kind Regards Brian 

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