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Maximum Profit, How to Code it?

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nugie 2009.10.21 07:48 

I have an Idea about maximizing profit, but i have some trouble to coded it...

Here is the Idea :

If we have open position (even martiangle), and already reach 50 pips profit, then we loop the max profit.

Close the position if the profit is fall 50% from its max profit.

Here is the code I've tried : (still can't work as the idea goals)

extern double Profit = 500;

double MaxProfit ( )


double Profits = CalculateProfits( ); // it counts the sum of profit all open position

double maxprofit;

if(Profits > Profit)


while(Profit <= Profits)


if(maxprofit > Profit)

maxprofit = Profits;






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