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Depth of Market

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Bruce Lesko
Bruce Lesko 2013.02.03 07:04 

I am working on a Depth of Market (DOM) scalping system.  I want to add this EA to the market but not sure how traders can back-test it with DEMO.

I will look to offering a signal of the EA but this is not the same as doing an back-test yourself.  Would you suggest they optimize the entry and exit signals and

the DOM can be added as an extra layer of safety for live?  I feel like this cheats the customers a bit but I strongly believe the DOM will do nothing but help.  

Right now only three users seem to be adding products with DOM features to some degree.  I have contacted each to get their input but maybe I missed you.

If you have experience implementing DOM into an EA please provide some input.  Thank you for your time and your input.


sanderz has an indicator Actual Depth of Market

song_song has a product in utilities Depth of Market


Bruce Lesko 

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