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tektronic 2010.05.22 09:51 


I noted you dont provide open prices only option in MT5 . Please, try add it. I think it is very useful. Here below why:

I developed my EA so that it uses M5 Open prices only in MT4 and this provides a major time gaining advantage in optimizing not only for me but I think for other developers also..

Optimizing with Every tick/M5 using Genetic Alg. for 1 year, my EA would last in ~1.5 - 2 days for a symbol to get it finished since it uses 2 strategies and some heavy calculations.

Optimizing with M5/Open prices only/Genetic Alg. it only takes 5 hours and I noted then, when I backtest it using Every tick I obtain 99% the same result; so it is totally useless optimizing for Every Tick which eats a lot of time.  To get this major gained time I use the the trick that all shifts in my EA are more than 1; no shift 0 used.

To convince more, below is my live account with my EA executing starting from  February 01, 2010, which was optimized using M5 Open prices only. You note the EA works quite well; the trades are opened at multiple of 5 minutes. The performance is ~200% in ~4 months. Initial balance at Feb 01, 2010 was ~ 650 EUR and now it is 2056 EUR.

Adding the 'Open prices only' option and combined with the Agents in MT5 we would save a lot of time in optimizing gainig much more power. I think Every Tick method just eates the time from the power of the Agents.


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