New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 202


New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 202 has been released:

  1. Improved balance chart drawing in the detailed trade history report.
  2. Fixed Andrews' Pitchfork drawing, in the case of anchoring points close to each other.
  3. Added support of connection via HTTP proxy server when downloading quotes from the History Data Server.
  4. Fixed calculation of margin requirements to hedged positions for CFD and CFD-Index symbols when using the initial margin.
  5. Fixed WindowScreenShot function hang-up for charts with fixed scales.
  6. Tester: In case of no connection during generation of fxt files, the system tries to get the latest known parameters instead of substituting default values.
  7. MQL4: Fixed error of exact search in function iBarShift where there is no a corresponding bar.
  8. MQL4: Eliminated the too severe type check for the 'switch' operator .
  9. MQL4: Added check for availability of the expression after the assignment operation.
  10. MQL4: Error opening file for reading message is not output in the journal of Expert Advisors.
  11. Tester: Added harder size limits for the generated sequence. If the initial date is set at testing, at most 1000 bars before the initial date will get into the sequence.
  12. Added feature that allows to modify the Client Terminal window using hot keys Ctrl-left arrow and Ctrl-right arrow.
  13. Updated custom indicator ZigZag.
  14. MetaEditor: Modified search in the online mql4 code base. The search is case-insensitive now.
  15. Updating based on crash-logs.
The live updates is available through the LiveUpdate system. Client terminal can be downloaded using