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Invertor Orders Copier

This copier instantly copies all market orders of another Expert Advisor inverting them – a BUY deal is turned into SELL and vice versa.

The lot size is set using the MultLot multiplier. For example, if your Expert Advisor's initial BUY order size is 1 lot and it is closed in a loss of $200, while Copier's MultLot parameter is 3, the copied SELL order is closed with $600 of profit minus spread. The total profit comprises almost $400.

Pending orders are not copied till they turn into market ones.

The product settings are simple:

  • MultLot=2.0 – copied order multiplier;
  • Magic = 23646 – copied order magic number;
  • CanTrade = true – enable/disable copying deals.
Thomas Kjelvik
Thomas Kjelvik 2018.01.31 11:24 

Works as described. great tool if you want to reverse trades within a account. I had some issuses With it from the start bu Mikhail was quick to help me. Turned out it was a problem With account at forex4you and not the EA

Version 1.1 2016.03.21
1) Working speed increased
2) More stable EA working