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Microbot trades support and resistance. Its core piece is a highly developed trading algorithm that has passed through an intense quantitative evaluation process.

Input Parameters

The following input parameters can be changed by the user:
Input Parameter
Trade Frequency

1 Low -> 10 High
If set to low only big support and resistance will be traded. If set to high small support and resistance will be traded.
The number of trades will increase the closer the value is set to 10.
Fixed Lot Size

Chose the lotsize to trade.
Money Management

Use Moneymanagement
Set to true if Moneymanagement shall be used. Fixed Lotsize is ignored if set to true.
Risk for Buy orders (in percent)
If the order is closed at the initial stop loss, the loss will be the chosen amount in percent of the balance for buy orders.
Risk for Sell orders (in percent)
If the order is closed at the initial stop loss, the loss will be the chosen amount in percent of the balance for sell orders.
Spread Filter

Max spread in points
If the current spread equals or exceeds the chosen value no new orders are placed and the broker gets the signal to delete pending orders.
Trade in Direction of Orderflow Only
Use orderflow filter
If set to true orders will be only executed if their direction matches current order flow.
Trade in Chose Direction Only

Trade Buy
True: Buy orders will be traded.
False: No buy orders will be traded.
Trade Sell
True: Sell orders will be traded.
False: No Sell orders will be traded.
Set Stops

Stop Loss Buy in pips
Chose the initial distance of the stop loss for buy orders to the market entry price.
If set to 0 no stop loss is used.
Stop Loss Sell in pips
Chose the initial distance of the stop loss for sell orders to the market entry price.
If set to 0 no stop loss is used.
Take Profit Buy in pips
Chose the initial distance of the take profit for buy orders to the market entry price.
If set to 0 no take profit is used.
Take Profit Sell in pips
Chose the initial distance of the take profit for sell orders to the market entry price.
If set to 0 no take profit is used.
Percentage Trail Stop Loss

Use trailing
Set to true if the stop loss shall be trailed.
Trailing start at X pips
Chose at how many pips profit the trailing shall start.
Distance of Stop Loss in percent of profit pips
Сhose the distance for trailing in percent of the order´s profit in pips.
Trailing distance in pips = order profit in pips x chosen value in percent
E.G. if the order is 10 pips in profit the stop loss will be at 5 pips profit if 50 is chosen.
Maximal distance of Stop Loss in pips
The distance between the order´s profit in pips and the trailed stop loss will not be bigger than the chosen value in pips.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you

  • like to get further information
  • want to get a free trial version of Microbot
  • are interested in any kind of developing trading systems
Bewertungen 58
Besarion Turmanauli
Besarion Turmanauli 2016.11.03 15:08 

you signal looks good. I think EA still has a good potential!

kamalraj 2015.09.04 09:15 

I rent this EA few days ago its work fine for me in live account.

Its work fine profit when the broker side spread is important.

I put five star for this EA.

Thanks jan.

SEAFX _SA 2015.08.27 01:16 

Хороший скальпер для работы на ликвидном рынке. Многое зависит от брокера, от качества исполнения ордеров. Хорошая идея, хорошая работа. Рекомендую.

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Besarion Turmanauli
Besarion Turmanauli 2016.11.03 15:08 

you signal looks good. I think EA still has a good potential!

Lingxiang Zhang
Lingxiang Zhang 2016.01.28 19:51 

EA is highly broker sensitive. It worked sometimes well before.But is easy loss by sllipage,before i use real account open 10 lots,opening orders sllipage is about 10pips and hit sl about 10 pips in one seconds,that's because a not very important news,the broker said lack of liquidity.... that's lmax broker... so one orders 10 lots loss more than 2000$,if not get sllipage maybe only loss a little

forextrader 2015.11.29 08:34 

Only losses. Few little pips and huge drawdown

cyberryder 2015.10.30 17:25 

EA is highly broker sensitive. It worked sometimes well before, if you did a HUGE amount of work in terms of backtesting, broker search, VPS search, ect. ect.., i expected it will fail if too much people are using it. The last months it's gaining much less than before or hovering around break-even. I guess too much people use it. Some MarketMaker brokers like OctaFX have closed client accounts.

Piotr Przybylski
Piotr Przybylski 2015.10.03 18:58 

Back Testes are always AMAZING

but in reality is never the same...I lose more than win...a

If you do now backtest with Tickmil and spread 15 you will be have all cancelled orders... Good luck

Sergey Genikhov
Sergey Genikhov 2015.10.01 13:39 

Good robot, i am used it on TickMill ECN.

Also had good performance with Roboforex.

I used old verison

spread 7 points and Vola 0.

Runned good on EURUSD

During last month there were poor perfomence, i didn't renew the licence. Too expensive for my current account

Stacey B.
Stacey B. 2015.09.14 18:24 

I'm very sorry for writing a 1 star review, but no, it's not working out.

kamalraj 2015.09.04 09:15 

I rent this EA few days ago its work fine for me in live account.

Its work fine profit when the broker side spread is important.

I put five star for this EA.

Thanks jan.

SEAFX _SA 2015.08.27 01:16 

Хороший скальпер для работы на ликвидном рынке. Многое зависит от брокера, от качества исполнения ордеров. Хорошая идея, хорошая работа. Рекомендую.

myfxrobots.com 2015.08.23 18:09 

Has made great profits before with FXOpen and MaxFX.

Roboforex results: http://myfxrobots.com/2015/07/microbot/

Mul Lins
Mul Lins 2015.08.23 12:39 

Great EA, the main issues are brokers - slippage and liquidity. Find a good broker and this EA will work well for you. Great Job Jan

[Gelöscht] 2015.08.18 17:38   

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

kvetinac 2015.08.01 00:50 

This bot is AWESOME.

And I don't write these lines just because today it made an excellent profit for most people using it.

IMHO, there's hardly a better value per cost to be found in the whole MQL5 Market - if you're looking for a scalper.

Just find a good broker and READ THE ENTIRE COMMENTS THREAD before going live (and before posting silly questions that were answered 300 times;)

Disclaimer: I'm not affilated with the seller in any way! A week ago I didn't know about the bot.

Then You may ask rightfully: why do I dare, after just one week, to post such an unambiguously positive review? Simply because I'm a coder too, and I've been in this game since 2007. I don't do commercial things and never will, I'm coding stuff for myself - scalpers included. I can see the logic inside, made rigorous backtests not just on publicly available Dukascopy and Integral (=ECN for Pepperstone, Global Prime, IC Markets etc) data, but also on tick data from two other brokers I actually use. I honestly think I'm not boasting when I say that I really comprehend a lot about market microstructure, its behavior around critical levels, and I also know how retail brokers work and what kind of flow will be considered toxic by most of them. MB doesn't fall into this category, therefore it has a chance to survive, and I'm quite sure Jan will care about it.

I could - possibly - with a great effort and alot of time spent, nearly clone the strategy. But the current cost of MicroBOT (+ Jan's brains and passion behind it) is SO REASONABLE that such an endeavour wouldn't be reliable for me ;)

Take those profits :))

Cheers, Pavel

Oleg Mamchenko
Oleg Mamchenko 2015.07.29 08:17 

Идея не плохая - но к сожалению не рабочая. Убытки слишком большие.

Joycelyn Chan
Joycelyn Chan 2015.07.29 03:52 

Rented the bot. So far so good, hope to see more returns on my live account (currently at 40% gain after 1.5 weeks). Here is the link to the backtest I have done based off Tickstory/Dukascopy data at 99.9% modelling quality. www.googledrive.com/host/0B4APBZWp-GgcLU9uTkZYNnF3VHM

weesoh88 2015.07.26 08:24 

This is a "breakout" robot, which enters a trade using stop buy and sell orders placed strategically at the calculated bounds of the current range. It is strongly dependent on the broker's data feed because the bounds are calculated based on what the EA sees. As prices get close to such breakout points, many other EAs that use similar techniques may be triggered simultaneously, leading to huge volatility. So if your broker widens the spread significantly, your stop entries may be triggered earlier than other trader's orders on other brokers. The slippage is also very important during the entries; brokers with larger liquidity providers tend to have smaller slippage.

If the breakout trend is strong, entering a trade earlier than other traders is probably not too much of an issue because the price may continue in the right direction for you. But if the breakout is weak, your order may hit stop-loss and exit quickly, and you tend to have more losses than others.

With this EA, you need to experiment for yourself what broker works best, in terms of execution speed, spread, slippage, etc., and choose a VPS that is as close to your broker's server as possible (see my profile page for an example of a latency chart to various brokers). Remember that everyone is going for the same liquidity at the breakout points, so a broker that works well with this EA today may not work well the next day if everybody flocks to that same broker. For this reason, it is understandable that a trader who has found the best setting for himself/herself after spending a lot of time and effort probably won't share it with other fellow traders.

Nail Zakeriyaev
Nail Zakeriyaev 2015.07.24 08:32 

Почти каждый день друзья Яна, редактируют свои отзывы или раз в несколько дней вынося по 5 звезд на самый верх свои супер отзывы. Листайте ниже, читайте подробнее, более подробно смотрите в историю открытых и закрытых позиций, сверяйте время, так же некоторые персоны оставляют свои ссылки на мониторинг работы советника. Так же сверяйте какие сделки и когда были открыты у самого Яна, а так же у звезд которые выставили сигналы. Вам будет все понятно, что очень сильное отличии имеются. Almost every day friends Ian edit your comments, or once every few days by taking out 5 stars on the top of its super feedback. Scroll below, read more, in more detail, refer to the history of the open and closed positions, check the time, as some guests leave their links to the monitoring of the adviser. Just reconciliation at which the transaction, and when they were opened near the Yan, as well as the stars who put signals. You will all understand that there are very strong contrast.

Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe 2015.07.24 08:04 

So far the EA works really well in forward testing in my real money account.

I have lost track how many brokers I have tested this EA with but finally found one the works really well and consistent.

It is crucial however to use with a really good broker and VPS, I rent the built MQL5 VPS, although PM me if you know of any better but so far working perfectly.

I am using the Pepperstone Razor ECN account here https://pepperstone.com/?a_aid=razorecn

I am only using it with EURUSD as the spread averages 0.1 pips, its insane, I also have like 60 days or something commission free trading.

I will look to post a signal soon for Real money, the only issue is I have 3 Experts working out of 1 account, but it will be pretty easy to see which trades are Microbot.


Just an update, due to the amount of PM's I am getting, I have created a live signal to show my results from today, as I have moved to Beeks VPS giving me 0.43ms.


Erebus 2015.07.23 01:42 

Great EA, with big potential. Really broker dependant, need fast and accurate execution. When the market is in the right conditions has excellent performance. Bad performance until the version 1.21 when the market has low volatility and low daily piprange, from the version 1.22 implement a volatility filter that cure the problem. The developer is professional and offer excellent support and communication.

Chirag Brahmbhatt
Chirag Brahmbhatt 2015.07.22 09:12 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

[Gelöscht] 2015.07.12 21:03   

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Ravi Luke
Ravi Luke 2015.07.10 20:33 

Very happy with this EA. Highly Recommended.

Humraz Parmar
Humraz Parmar 2015.07.08 06:08 

Good EA but the Slippage can be brutal, does not work on Tickmill very well

I have 7 live accounts all with the same Broker running

I used Microbot on all 7 Accounts to see how much of an issue slippage really is,

My conclusion after 1 week: there are big differences in actual fill price on all the Accounts due to slippage and some Major losses on 1 of the Accounts (My largest Account).

Overall a good EA I believe it's performance might make up for the Slippage that can occur with most Brokers but only time will tell if that's true.

***UPDATE*** Slippage is still an issue but the EA is overall profitable. I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars not because of EA performance but more so due to customer service from Jan, he has answered all of my PM's with detailed resposnses. Thanks Jan!

Scrad 2015.07.07 11:52 

The EA has potential, but is very broker sensitive ...if you run this EA on ecn account, commissions kill your account

sooner or later. (Totally different trades from Autor and me Account). After one month -25%, im stop run this EA.

Dimitris Rizoglou
Dimitris Rizoglou 2015.07.03 13:15 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

suncrafts 2015.07.03 09:24   


dimitrik.ko 2015.07.01 23:08 

first week was working fine, now have very a few orders, something like 1 per day. Also would be nice if there was virtual trailing, there would be much more profitable orders.

kanibus 2015.07.01 16:44 

Hi Jan, hi all,

I am using Microbot2 for a week now and there is a small profit, means good so far. I started with 100GBP, default settings, spread 0.0-0.8, broker FXCM real account. For now it run with 0.01lot but I will increase if the profit will continue.

Jan are there any better settings for your masterpiece or should I just use default one? I can see there are a lot of cancelled trades, is it right? I have screenshot on my profile.

All the best


Jens Hannemann
Jens Hannemann 2015.06.30 19:35 

Dear Jan.

Congratulations to this art of work. I run your EA since three weeks. Costs are in, there is a little bit left. The first EA i am looking optimistic. Ok this week and the week before were a little bit strange to EUR due to Tsipras and the EU. But your EA managed this situation for my opinion very well. I am using 6 different brokers for your EA with a little surprise. As soon i have more data, i will put the signals in here.

first impression:

FinFX ECN -> my favorite. makes profit, but also some not understandable losses. So i played with the spreadfilter to make it maximum tight. At the moment only cancelled pendings. maybe next week i will widen it, maybe not. ... Depending on Greece because:...

NordFX ECN -> my looser in the past, was the big surprise. He gave me the most wins with nearly no loosers with your EA. I have no fuckn clue, because the latency and the spreads and the commisions are not the best there. In the past when I close with MT4 whether via Windows or my iphone it took me nearly 2-5 seconds to close the order due to slippage warnings from MT4. This week only cancelled pendings, no trade. But at total he paid my rent fees in one day... and continued until last friday.

Pepperston Razor ECN -> very cool. a lot of action, winners and loosers. for my brokers the smallest spreads and a fair commision. To cut the loosers i changed the spread minimum from 10 to 7. Still trading, but some more loosers. But this is a hard week. But its fun to ride with the broker, when you only see the weekly results. Dont look at the daily results.....

Admiral Markets Pro -> was ECN, at the moment i believe not. I withdraw a lot and maybe they changed. Totally not perfect but still in plus. No trades since a week only pending orders. I think Greece is the factor.

Thinkforex NO ECN -> for today total a zero. I gave your EA 13 points. Some good deals, some bad.

FIBO STP -> I run it small there. problem is, they have a high commision but very small spreads normally. The last days spread changes a lot. So i have to check with them, when the Greece-Stuff is over. maybe in 10 years. I gave the EA a spread limit of 10, now I changed to 7. A lot of cancelled pendings. similar to pepperstone, but higher commission, therefore even lower spreads,.. sometimes.

the 7th broker is FXPro no ECN. I restarted this account last friday after a total loss last year with one well advertised fuckn grid EA. In EURUSD no tradees, only cancelled pendings. spread is about 15. But a small win (0.01 Lots) with GBPUSD. a new hope?

and the 8th is FXPrimus, but your EA does not work there because they like to see 3 pips SL... not 2. Fuck...

At total I backtested a lot of pairs, and beneath EURUSD the pairs GBPUSD and USDJPY gave positive results. for my first impression for above mentioned pairs a max of 14 points (commission included) can be profitable.

At the end I gave all the brokers since last sunday (except FXprimus, where even the trade copier from FinFX makes minus) the two charts for GBPUSD and USDJPY with your EA with 0.01 lots and max spread of 15 points incl commision for testing. For the moment GBPUSD has potential, but its to early. Lets see, what the next week will give.

By the way. All the above mentioned accounts are real live accounts with real money, some ~200€ some ~1000€. My VPS is hostingparadise.de and i try now on demo accounts strato.de

for sure I will rent the EA for next cyclus.

Dear Jan, thank your for your work, its great.

Just one question, is there a limit of pending orders in the EA? When I trade more pairs in one terminal?

Greetings to all and atomfreie Woche!

Antonio Toronjo
Antonio Toronjo 2015.06.30 11:04 

This robot needs a good execution by the broker without big slippage. It's no use if you have a vps of 2 ms, if the broker takes after 2-4 sec. to fill the order. Please understand the difference.

Great job, Jan. And Thanks a lots.

alex-2476 2015.06.29 23:18 

офигенный бот!все работает одинаково такой же брокер и счет.отрицательные отзывы фуфло конкурентов.

Eduard Abdulmanov
Eduard Abdulmanov 2015.06.29 22:31 

Excellent! Profitable! If you wanna get 1 mln$ for 1 trade this bot not for you! The bot makes a profit and a loss, but the profit bigger than the loss. I'm satisfied. Thanks for EA! Initial depo was 52.40$, during 2 weeks gain is 300%,now 211$. screenshots are on my profile page.

Boris Gulikov
Boris Gulikov 2015.06.29 14:24 

Nail Zakeriyaev, Вы можете объяснить цель вашего отзыва? Ведь то, что Вы написали, можно объяснить только тем, что Вы видите реального конкурента с реально работающим продуктом. Ваши слова - это фикция. Вам не кажется, что когда Вы пишите заведомую ложь, Вы себя дискредитируете как трейдера и программиста?

[Gelöscht] 2015.06.28 13:04   

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Reza Nori
Reza Nori 2015.06.27 20:38 

SERIOUS WARNING BEFORE SUBSCRIBING:(ask for real account performance)

This ROBOT is very and I repeat very latency, LUCIDITY, AND BROKER dependent. I traded with ICmarkets on their vps and lost over 18% of my Equity in just 2 days. all losing trades. The results shared by many is in no way comparable to the account on the MQL5.


I was disappointed to see you have stopped the live feed/or the EA on MQL5..was that something I said?

To be fair, i let the BOT run with only 2 mini lots instead of 5 st lot, on an ultra high speed VPS..The results of a 24 H you find in this post: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/9592#!tab=comments&page=45&comment=1698282. Thogh it made some winning trades, still you won't make any money since you will give the winnings back if not more in the long run, rather quickly.

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 2015.06.26 05:44 

Good bot, until everyone on MQL is using it, so all the orders suck up the liquidity then we all slip.

Initially was alright, but then it started slipping massively, from where the results should've been a profit, it slipped so much that it was a significant loss. Even tier 1s can't keep up with the 1000s of lots that we all do at once when microbot trades on all of our accounts.

shawnnny 2015.06.26 04:07   

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

BRADLEY PATRICK 2015.06.25 09:58 

MicroBot started of well on my real account, but that was only for the first week. Since then it has made profits and losses but mostly losses. I give it three stars only for its good first week performance.

Sharath Kumar
Sharath Kumar 2015.06.23 16:44 

So far i am happy with your ea, the bot is working fine even in bigger size account, almost identical to your signals

I think you should change the money management system in this ea if anyone want to use this bot in a big account with minimal risk, and its very convenient and understandable if we can input the risk in percentage, and your system does not have a dynamic stop loss so i guess its very easy and better if you change the money management system in this ea,

just a suggestion and thank you for this amazing ea

waiting eagerly to buy this bot...

UPDATE: Microbot is stalled

Microbot only works better in Octafx and octafx stopped their service to this bot due to unknown reason

I am using this bot with Roboforex from 2 weeks and yesterday i reached break even. and there is problem with roboforex, they are not processing all the modification orders from the bot, i dont know is it happening just with me or not but many of my trades were opened at the same price as authors signal account but closed with significant change, when i checked the stop loss levels were different from the authors account. still i made some good profit from this bot because before some time the bot opened a short trade and the broker did not processed the bots trailing stop modification order so the price went down, i woke up and checked the account i was shocked to see i had floating profit of 825$ in a 1000$ account! i closed that trade and from today i am not using this bot anymore

Author made a good EA, Strategy was good but it is very sensitive to slippage, Spread, commission and liquidity, Finding a broker for this ea is hard.

ulysses maciel mota
ulysses maciel mota 2015.06.22 17:08 

I'm not having more profits.

evri_arya 2015.06.20 04:15 

3 days already profit 30 percent. Keep it up. Thanks. Iam using roboforex ECN and good for free VPS after deposit not less than 300 usd

flyangler 2015.06.18 13:03 

Well....two weeks running the EA and 100% of benefits on my account at OctaFx. It is true that the EA is highly broker dependent and just kept it running at OctaFx after multi attempts on few others such us FXpro, GKFX, CLM or Roboforex.

My settings at OctaFx is a max spread of 12 with money management.

And last but not least...i'm not developer's fried...just a happy customer :)

Nikita Romashko
Nikita Romashko 2015.06.17 21:37 

Quadri Dosumu 2015.06.17 21:07 #


Please stay away from this EA or you will loose your money.This EA is prone to slippage and latency.

Disregard all positive reviews, they are sellers friends pretending to be customers. Read comments you will notice that yourself.

1. 20 pips StopLoss is too risky for EA that is prone to Slippage

2. Seller not sincere in terms of recommended account deposit. Small deposit might struggle to survive

3. Seller account deposit is $100 because the strategy is too risky.

p.s. Stay away Noob!

1. not 20 pips, only 1 maximum on ECN NDD account in roboforex

2.Strategy not riscky, sl - 2 pip? get the brains?

p.s. i have a 5 worked days, + 250 % to my deposit

five stars!

[Gelöscht] 2015.06.17 19:05   

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

mql5_tester 2015.06.16 20:46 

Excellent and profitable!!

Using Roboforex (account and settings described here: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/111867).

More recommendations (brokers, settings, VPS ...) can be found in comments.

Timo Schroeter
Timo Schroeter 2015.06.16 15:17 

Following the hints in other reviews / comments ->>> *VPS, ECN broker* this EA actually makes profit. Of course not on every trade but the profit is way bigger than the loss!


Chew Ming Hoi
Chew Ming Hoi 2015.06.13 08:52 

i using justforex ECN account mql5 hosting try few day ago everything looking good still keep profit.

yari88 2015.06.13 00:00 

slippage is killing my account and after 15-20% account loss i decided to quit using robot for the moment to search a better broker.

Pencho Velkov
Pencho Velkov 2015.06.12 16:06 

1: use VPS with low latency to your Broker (max 50 m/s )

2: use Robo ECN or Octa ECN ( i use both and use differnt VPS to them)

3: on settings put spread 11 max to Octa and 10 max to Robo ( dont be greedy )

rp919 2015.06.12 07:10 

Too Much Slippage! Lost Money!

Umeh Kingsley
Umeh Kingsley 2015.06.11 14:58 

This EA is the bomb! Highly recommended.

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant 2015.06.10 15:36 

Professional vendor with great communication and EA seems reliable provided you use the right broker.

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2015.06.10 14:13 

So far tested this one only a few days but if the profit keeps coming like this... this will probably be the best EA planet earth has ever seen. I feel like in a dream world :)

quadrupled my bankroll with almost zero DD and great Risk Reward in 10 days!! This one is blowing my mind! :) Jan is a genius!!!

Sinisa Sinjori
Sinisa Sinjori 2015.06.10 13:04 

Impressive EA! If you choose broker carefully (with low spread and good execution), this EA can bring you fortune. After-sales support is also excellent. I would give to this EA 10 stars if I could!

Please, keep in mind to choose decent broker, not the one that will play with you rising slippage (but bad broker's slippage and their "games" are no reasons to give to this EA less then 5 starts - as some of members did). I can recommend this EA for sure.

cyril tredici
cyril tredici 2015.06.08 22:20 

Trop de soucie avec le slippage dommage et pour 39 dollars beaucoup trop chère pour ce soucieet donc j'ai gaspillé mon argent pour rien suis dégoûter ... Mais bon y a un bon service après vente

gregg8888 2015.06.08 19:46 

I am not usually one to leave reviews but this time I am going to make an exception. I rented this EA late in May and ran it a few days in a real account with a small balance and had good results. Then I added more funds to the account and the performance just took off. One of the best purchases I have made. I am sure there are subtleties that determine when this runs well and when it does not but things aligned well for me and I can only hope it keeps turning in returns like the past week far into the future. Thanks Jan. Great EA and it lets me sleep at night with the tight stops. You have a customer as long as things keep working like this.

Mirko Sedda
Mirko Sedda 2015.05.30 18:46 

After i subscribed to microbot5 and microbot2 i decided to rent the ea in order to boost a little the strategy since max DD its very low and always under control..

i truly believe that an image explain better than a thousand words so on this link ( http://s24.postimg.org/p03v4wxw5/balance.jpg ) you will find my result since i started to use the ea, after 18 may ;)

impressive eh?

b189 2015.05.29 14:20 

Few days ago I rent this EA, and so far this work fine, I am very satisfied. This make same result as original signal (MicroBOT2). (I have same account as Jan.)

This system is a well-written, but only in certain environments, very sensitive to. What Jan criteria described, it should heed, because only in this case work well this EA.

I am not a real trader, I just want to make some money. For me, this tool so far is perfect.

I hope to continue work profitably.

Jan also helpful, so the support is also first-rate, I can recommend...

Version 2.0 2015.12.23
Several Input parameters are unlocked:

- Trade frequency
- Stop loss
- Take profit
- Trailing
- Orderflow filter
- Slippage control: comment + @ Stop Level

Trade logic has been refined

Microbot has been backtested over a 10 years period to show that it has the potential to be stable for such a long period. With the possibility to change Microbot´s parameters the user now has a highly developed trading tool for long time trading purposes as well as to benefit from extreme market phases when trading with a 2 pips stop loss is possible.
Version 1.26 2015.09.01
- Bug fixed: MicroBOT can now trade again together with other EAs at the same time on one account.

- Risk per trade can now be chosen for buy and sell orders separately.

- Optimized order management: Trailing of open market orders is being prioritized. All other functions that can be paused are paused for that time.

- Margin check before pending orders are placed: If the chosen risk per trade leads to a lot size with insufficient margin, a user gets notified by an alert and the lot size is reduced to a minimum.
Version 1.25 2015.08.21
- Option to choose if buy and/or sell orders shall be traded
- Sell got one pip bigger stop loss
- Money management is now being calculated in percent
Version 1.24 2015.07.23
A bug in the vola filter was fixed. Orders with different magic numbers are now handled individually by the vola filter.
Version 1.22 2015.07.22
The volatility filter is included in the version 1.22.

It can be set to

0: filter is off
1: min value for filter
10: max value for filter

The higher the value, the higher volatility has to be for allowing trades.
Version 1.21 2015.07.01
- Money management works now with increments of 0.1 lot. It is detected automatically. Just use it as before.
- Automatic check if stop levels are small enough for MicroBOT.
- If an order is deleted due to too high spread, the correct value is printed in the log.
- Comment on screen (top left) changes when spread exceeds max_spread.
- max_spread is set automatically to 20 if it is set higher by a user.
- max_spread is preset to 15 (previously, it was 10).
Version 1.20 2015.06.10
Typo corrected
Version 1.19 2015.06.09
Bug fixed:
Pending orders are not deleted if timeframe of the chart is changed.
Version 1.18 2015.06.04

- Automatic money management
- User can put own order comment and own magicnumber
- Orders are deleted automatically on Friday at 7 p.m. server time
- Orders are deleted if not enough money
- Pending orders are more hidden to avoid stop hunting
- Filter check up every start of MicroBOT
- Improved algorithm for faster execution and faster backtests


- Trading is now able when the spread is zero