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Nasdaq Crossover EA MT5
Giacomo Donati
5 (2)
STATS  EA RISKINESS = LOW WIN RATIO = 73.88%  MAX DRAWDOWN = 3.62% Trading the  Nasdaq  market has never been easier The FREE EA that simply needs to be plugged and will play for you! No set files needed, no long installations process, simply attach it to the Nasdaq chart onto the 15 MINUTES timeframe and it will do its job. Settings: The risk can now be set based on the percentage of your account as risk or by setting a fixed lot. To activate the percentage risk, switch the setting from fa
The Greedy Gold Digger
Giacomo Donati
5 (1)
THE GREEDY GOLD DIGGER Ladies and gentlemen it is a pleasure to introduce you my last creation .. The EA I'm working on since starting my trading journey I have finally decided to publish the main EA I'm working on since 2 years and an half, now that it is stable and gives me the results I always wanted. This EA trades the GOLD market, it starts buy and sell trades based on the trend. After a loss, it recovers the loss taken using a smart algorithm of lot multiplication. PLEASE NOTE:   You shoul
50 USD
NoLimits Scalper MT5
Giacomo Donati
5 (1)
This EA scalps the market with an open minded trading system composed of short trades and low drawdown. It starts buy trades when there is bullish power and when the sentiment gives buy strength and it starts sell trades when there is bearish power and the sentiment gives sell strength. PLEASE NOTE:  You should never ever use any EA before testing it. I strongly suggest downloading the demo first and backtesting this EA before buying it. Risk settings below: Recommended Symbols NDX100,US30 AND S
30 USD