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Price Alarms to smartphone and desktop

Alarms to smartphone, tablet, desktop and chart window when price passes a graphically predefined price label level.

Custom price labels designed to allow a trader to enable or disable alarms with one click.

Efficiency is the name of the game with this indicator.

Core functionality exists by default in MT - this just makes life easy. Focus on the trading, time management and not the logistics.

Input Parameters

  • Use_SuperPriceAlarms - the on/off switch for the indicator.
  • Alert_alarm_on -  sends an alert (MT4 popup) to the desktop, when alarm triggers.
  • Notification_alarm_on -  sends an alert to a smartphone, tablet or other configured device, when alarm triggered.
  • Comment_alarm_on - displays a comment in the current chart window, when alarm triggers.
  • User_msg_upper - a user-defined message to the upper bound alarm
  • User_msg_lower - a user-defined message to the lower bound alarm.
  • Upper_label_color - color of the upper bound price label.
  • Lower_label_color - color of the lower bound price label.


  • Move price labels to the required price level.
  • Upper label alarms when Price > Bid
  • Lower label alarms when Price < Bid
  • Turn alarm on/off by clicking the tick/cross on the custom price label.
  • The upper bound price label (blue by default) will alarm if Bid price is above the label.
  • The lower bound price label (red by default) will alarm if Bid price is below the label.
  • A price label alarms once. The on/off indicator will be set to off once it has alarmed.
  • If the label is set to 'X' it is off, a 'tick' signs means it is on.
  • Edit indicator variables to enable comment (window message), alert (desktop popup) and notification (smatphone, iPad and other device alarms).

Configuring Notifications on Your Mobile or Other Device

  • Install MT4 on you mobile device with a live or demo account
  • Identify the 'MetaQuotes ID' for the mobile device. Go to the 'Messages' menu on your mobile to find the unique 8 character code.
  • In MT4 on your client terminal (desktop) enter the 'MetaQuotes ID' by going to the 'Options' menu & 'Notifications' tab.
  • Enter the 'MetaQuotes ID', check the 'Enable Notifications' check box, then click the 'Test' button to ensure everything is working. You should receive a test message to your mobile device.
  • That's it.
muhammad jalal
muhammad jalal 2014.10.10 05:11   

i confiuse use this indicator, mybe something wrong. i have purchase this indicator