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MarkEA Pending Order

Gold price is always a roller coaster ride when major economic data is released in the US. And there is always an extreme volatility in currency when economic news are released in countries. Now, you can set up the release time of economic news and levels of gain/loss stop in the EA.

Gold Price Related News

If you have no idea, which news is effective, these are some economic indicators for your consideration.

  • US Non-farm Payrolls
  • US Initial Jobless Claims
  • Institute of Supply Management Manufacturing Index (ISM)
  • Gross domestic product (GDP)


  • PendingOrderTime - order date (2014.09.11 15:30).
  • PendingOrderSeconds - wait for ordering in seconds (5).
  • Delete_PendingOrderSeconds - wait to remove order in seconds (40).
  • TradeSuccessRemoveAnother - remove the opposite order on successful trade (true/false).
  • Lots - lot size for each order (0.2).
  • TakeProfit - stop gain (300).
  • StpoLoss - stop loss (300).
  • Range - the range of order's pips (100), selling and buying are individual.
  • TrailingStop - points of trailing stop (0).
  • SetName - set comments.
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