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ToWave Indicator Extended

This is an automated version of the ToWave indicator.

Adapted for the strategy https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/312396.

ToWave builds "waves", extremums and fractals using configuration of nearby candles and HL levels.

It builds trend lines by itself for the current period and the higher period (for example, the current period is M15, and the higher period is H1) and determines entry points.

It can filter entry points using support/resistance lines.

It can send emails when fractals and entry point are formed..

Indicator input parameters:

  • Amplitude for S/R lines - coefficient of averaging for forming support/resistance lines
  • Offset for breakthrough - number of points the price should decline to form an entry point
  • Remember previous entry - if the parameter is set, buy/sell signals are formed depending on the previous signal (i.e. a buy signal will be formed only if previous signal was for selling)
  • Filter on support/resistance lines - buy entry point will be formed only when it is above the support line, and vice versa for selling
  • Send mail on low trend fractal - send mail if a fractal of the current period was formed
  • Send mail on high trend fractal - send mail if a fractal of the higher period was formed
  • Send mail on entry point - send mail if entry point was formed
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